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Caja Media is the best Local Listing Optimization company in Canada

BUILD YOUR PRESENCE in the area where your customer resides With us, you can let more customers show up at your business

A majority of customers read the reviews and ratings of the brands before they do business with them. This makes it even more important for the business to opt for online local SEO solutions in Canada. We help you create business listings on the most important sites that have traffic relevant to your business.

Why Choose Caja Media | Local SEO agencies for Business Listing?

We have more than 10 years of experience in creating local listings for the business. We help our customers provide the advantage of the h key directories such as Google My Business, Bing, and Facebook. Apart from this, we also help them improve and manage their business reviews, and protect your local reputation.

Several businesses have broken and inappropriate info on their local listing sites. This makes it very difficult for the business to get tracked down by their customer. The missing listings can turn out to be total havoc for your business.

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Get the Local Listing that Improves your Business Visibility

Our services ensure the business that all their information is squeaky-clean and updated so that you do not miss even a single customer looking for your or similar services.

We conduct regular checks of the local listing creating such as an address, location, and contact details. This helps our customers maintain a very good local listing for their business. To stay ahead of the competitors in the search engine ranking position, efficient local listing plays a vital role.

Customer review and local listing go hand in hand. You may run out of good reviews if you are not registered on the platforms used by your customers.

Caja Media – worldwide Local SEO agency is your Local listing partner, We are trusted by more than 500 brands for their listing-related problems.

We have helped our customers get over a million local listings per month. Every month, we conduct a complete profile assessment of the business. Thus we offer complete peace of mind to our customers.
Your Local Listing is important for your SEO. Our digital marketing strategies can help grow your business.


Find out the root cause that is preventing your website from reaching your target audience. Caja Media provides free website audits and analyses to businesses that wish to grow online.

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